7 Healthy Ways To Keep Your Wig Shiny And Bright


For women with damaged or no hair at all, wigs are their best friends. But these friends can turn into your foe if they don't get the right care and maintenance. No matter how much expensive wigs you wear or how many costly wigs accessories you use on them, if you cannot treat them as your natural hair, they won't help you get that desired look. So it's really important to give attention to your wigs. Whether they are short hair wigs or the long ones, all types of wigs for women require sufficient love and pampering to stay in their beautiful state.

Here are 7 healthful ways in which you can extend your wig life and can continue enjoying their goodness and beauty. Take a look and start acting:

•If you think these wigs for women are robust enough to be worn regularly without any maintenance then you are wrong. Without a good care and maintenance, your wig cannot serve you right. Make sure you nurture them with all the required things and preserve them in their best health.

•Wearing expensive wigs doesn't mean you will limit their washing. No matter how costly your wig is, a good wash will only add to its number of years. Since wigs are worn over the scalp and biological hair so they can get dirty because of the natural oils. Therefore, it's recommended not to wear a wig for activities where you perspire a lot. And, while washing them, always go with alcohol and sulphate free shampoos as they are mild. Remember not to use them directly on the wigs as they cause severe damage to its texture and built.

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•Though there are a variety of wigs accessories that can be used to spruce up your expensive wigs, sometimes we all want a different look in the form of curls or waves. For this, heat tools are required which can affect the quality of your wig. So in such cases, you can use these tools sparingly on the lowest setting, which will solve both the purposes i.e. offering you style without hampering the wig quality. Here, just make sure you don't use them regularly.

•Limit your use of styling products. Though wigs for women come in already styled pieces, sometimes we all want more. In such a scenario, using sulphate and alcohol-free products can give a new lease of life to your expensive wigs. But, one should not use them frequently as they can adversely affect the durability of your wigs.

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•Avoid wearing wigs while swimming and exercising as this is the time when your body sweats a lot and it may require you to wash your wigs frequently, which will impact its quality. If you cannot afford to go without a wig during such activities, keep a separate one.

•The life of your wig depends on how well you store them when not in use. Safely store them in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

•Say no to extended wig wearing or sleeping in one as it can reduce its lifespan.
Your wigs too have a life, let them enjoy one by giving them the best care.

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