Fads About Lace Front Wigs: Unveiling Their Myths!


Not withstanding the fact that the lace front wigs have found its existence since time immemorial, they are still new and unknown to many. Thus, giving rise to myths as their byproducts. If you also find yourself among those fearing to purchase a lace front wig or are completely occupied with the existing myths, it's time now to consider the points stated below:

1. Lace front wigs are not meant to be cared for!

It is one of the predominant lace wig myths as a lace wig is made from the high-quality Remy human hair. However, good maintenance and care are still needed to make it last long just like you would treat your own real hair! Though the human hair lace wigs give you the freedom of styling them with heat treatments and colors of your desire, they need to be protected from constant chlorine or heat exposure. After all, they are nothing but the human hair wigs. These shouldn't be roughly handled for there are ways to deal with your lace front wig to make it last longer. Moreover, the wig should be regularly washed and conditioned instead of letting it stick to your scalp for many weeks.

2. Lace front wigs are meant to be worn only by the celebrities!

There used to be a time in history when the lace wigs were known and used only by the celebrities. However, these lace wigs are no more a secret to the commoners. These days a lot of women love to wear lace front wig because of its natural appearance making its presence on your scalp unnoticed to others. For your ease, you may also avail the benefits of ladies wigs online from any part of the world.

3. Full Lace Wigs have always been oh-so-costly!

The first time full lace wigs came into existence, they were manufactured less in number with money consuming production process and materials. Hence it was only privy to the celebrities back then. Gradually with the advancement in science and technology, they are no more expensive deals. These have turned out to be great deals for the regular users who have the option of getting them customized now.

4. Lace wigs render you bald!

This myth is however too unbelievable to be true. Instead of rendering baldness, the lace wigs and lace front wigs help you in the gradual process of hair growth by being a protective covering in the form of loose buns, braids, ponies, bangs, etc. to your naturally growing hair. Many are found to be scared of hair breakage which they believe to be caused by the application of glue or tape directly on the hairline yet being unaware of the fact that these shouldn't be applied directly on the natural hairline.

5. Lace wigs can be installed by any Tom, Dick, and Harry!

Though the installation of lace wigs and lace front wigs have turned out to be easier, do not attempt to install it on your own if you are a first-timer. You can either resort to online tutorials or videos to learn about the same or most preferably, seek the assistance of a lace wig professional.

Just like any other thing, there are right ways to deal with your lace front wig too. So, before being swayed away by these lace wig myths, consider buying yourself a lace front wig first and then experience the positive outcomes.

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